Bored space

We should talk more often. I know you want to, like I want too. That feeling of wanting to connect, to communicate to one another, burns within. You feel the same way as I do, don’t you? You message me first, like the lonely girl that I am, I reply, but then you never reply to me. I’m just the blank space you go to when you are lonely or bored, I’m just the girl who helps you pass time, whilst you find or think of something better. Don’t you think of others before you press send, or do you just do what you always feel and want. I don’t get it. I give you the time and day to reply to you. Why cant you be decent enough to extend the same courtesy. I feel like an idiot. That’s why I have difficulty in letting people in, I’m just so use to being used and mentally messed about with. That’s why I don’t let people in, but it still has the ability to mess with my mind. Why do people like you do it, all the time. What do you actually get from it. I’m just a bored space for you

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