Cut the

Lets all just take a minute, take a minute to realise what truly matters to us, to yourself

You know those first few 30 seconds every morning we take, you know the ones we aren’t exactly aware of, the first few seconds of waking up, those unclouded memories, when we haven’t registered who we are, or what happened yesterday or even how we are feeling, we are just empty, unaware in those first few seconds every morning. You have no doubts, nothing bothering you, no worries, no concerns, but those seconds only last mere seconds, then everything comes running back to you like a never ending stream. You remember what happened moments just before you fell asleep to lala land. You remember the arguments you may or may not have had. You remember thoughts and feelings, those thoughts and feeling you were most likely going to sleep just to hide from.

So lets just take a deep breath, fill those lungs with open air and exhale with a big whoosh. Lets realise what truly matter to our own being, to ourself.

Do you really want to keep holding those grudges you’ve been holding since you were a little girl. Do you still want to be holding those doubts and worries that you know full well you can do nothing about, or you don’t know how you’ll react to a situation until it arises. Why live continuously in the past of who your character use to be, or how people judge you to be. If you want to change, if you want to adapt and becoming something else, do it. You should always benefit yourself no one else. Why does life have to be treated like a secret or a lie or live a life in fear because you are afraid of what others will say about you. Are those people with you when you go to sleep? You feel like they have your best interest at hard? How do you know what someone else is truly feeling. Life is continuously judged or mistreated. Why go around living life thinking whats this person going to do me. You wake up alone, you go to sleep alone. You don’t off let to anyone, so why live your life as if you do have someone continuously judging you.

At the end of the day you are you

You shouldnt hide who you are

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