Spooning the love into you. Let me curl around you, let me wrap my arms around you, hold you tight, whilst you curl into a ball. A fetal ball, you want to hold yourself, you want to just lay in your bed on your own, trying to hold yourself, but you feel so alone. You don’t have too. Let me curl with you, let me hold you. Let me share this spoon with you. Allow my body to comfort you in ways that words can never do justice. Let my warmth, my soul, comfort yours. Let me share this exhaustion of weight that you carry with you, which you try to rest from. Let me help you, just by holding you, hugging you, spooning you. Just nestle into me, release those tense muscles, let my warmth comfort you. Let me hold you, I want to hold you so badly, let you know that everything’s going to be okay, that I’ll always be here for you. I want to hold you for you, most importantly I just want to be apart of you

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