Hi there

Hi there
I’m slightly annoyed a little frustrated and extremely pissed off. Too much high expectation in life can literally destroy your life and make you feel like a defeated leg. Sad that the blocked emotions that you hold so tight within are trembling under your skin wanting a deep release of some sort but you just don’t know how.
I thought a change would be good. let’s be honest I thought the change would automatically change me. It doesn’t. Im always going to be like this. Unsure of myself, but I’m doubting myself and I do not want to be like that anymore. it’s annoying when I get frustrated. Its annoying feeling this way.
I mean like, what is life? Why are people petty or silly? Why am I me? The doubt. Annoying. What am I doing? I just want, I don’t know what I want. I feel like I need to let go, let go of the tension, just breathe but the doubt knocks and I feel like I’m the idiot in the room or the one that never fits.
I get life is what you put in but how do you possibly get more from life when you don’t know what that more is?

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