An open palm

Let me take your hand and place into mine

Take my hand and place it into yours, feel the connection through our open palms, feel the heat and energy that’s rolling off one another. Do you feel the connections, the one ship? Do you feel the energy that beats beneath my skin flow through to you? or can you imagine how it would feel, to feel connected and united as one?

Everyday is our own, but how many of us sit alone, thinking of you, thinking of me, how it would be, to be together in the same room.

I decided on a  path, to allow myself to feel a connection, and a connection less with myself, to feel less tense with who I was. but now that I have achieved, now that I’ve got it, I spend more time alone than I thought, I knew this case would present it self to me, its what I was hoping for and I got it. Before I was roaming in my spare time, now I’m lost in my spare time. I just want to spend it with a soul. which I have a four legged soul at my feet, but I still feel like I’m lost, a little unsure of who I am and what I’m suppose to be doing.

Everyday is your own, you become who you want to be, not who the world makes you to be with lost time. That’s why people say you should make the most of your time, go after what you really want, be who you truly want to be, don’t be someone else just to make someone else happy. I just don’t know what to be. The world is a big place, every trip gives an insight to how many people there actually is in this massive world, yet hardly any of us truly connect. Like with the people I already know, they mean a lot to me, but I don’t know about you, but me, I don’t talk or tell them any of my worries, or my lost problems. I’m on my own in that sense, but that’s my own choosing.

I don’t know why I’m writing this, maybe its a simple fact;

If your palm was touching mine, youd feel the beat of my pulse trying to match with yours.

If you took my hand, as I take yours, youd realise I’m trusting you, just by a simple act.

If you gave me the time, I could look into your soul and not feel embarrassed or heated to be staring so intently at you. youd realise I’m doing it, because I’m staring into your soul and realising your true potential. you realise that I’m trying to connect with you above all those words, just by a look, but a look that has so much meaning.

to feel a connection

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