When the times right

when the times right youll pull me a little closer. Making me feel wanted and need, nourished and cared.  when the times difficult youlll push me away. Making me feel insecure, self defeated, good for nothing.

When the times right,

My minds at a stand still, no clatter, no bang, just silence in place of the rush or noise. Nothing seems to be going on, is this what comfort is suppose to feel like, or are we at a stand still. Not going anywhere, yet not progressing.

The day started out good, but then it got to the middle and it didn’t go right, not much seems to going right. second guessing, self doubting will destroy what you could be before its even built.

what do you see in yourself, my guess is not a lot. Self defeat wont get you far, it will make you go into yourself, leaving you to be skitterish in any environment.

The hard work that you’ve done, don’t let it go wasted by taking two steps back and feeling deflated. Youll be okay, because everyones got to be okay. But everyday should be a step, even if its a size two step, everyday should be a progress. Don’t make them wasted, make them count but only for you, only for your own benefit and self love. Love yourself for you, don’t go hating and wishing that you were someone else or at a different stage in your life, every step of the journey makes you you, so love and like every moment. The difficulties are the most rewarding. But you don’t feel like you have any difficulties at the moment, maybe its time to change that. Who do you want to be? Don’t say nobody because you’ve got to be someone. Be you, but what version are you going to be?

What do you want to change about yourself? Where do you want the different to be? Where would you like to go? What self progress would you like to make? If you could make yourself happy how would you do it? You want to make a difference, make a difference within yourself. You want new experiences? Open your mind. You want new opportunities? Start saying yes and go along, taking part in those yeses.

What do you want?

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