Smile, smile even if you feel like crying on the inside. No one has time to deal with that anymore. Suck it up love, brace the storm even when it’s a mighty wind within your own mind. I know it feels like a terrible joke and I know I can’t even help this glimpse of beauty from her own self. It’s crazy how we can let an emotion rule us, to change the way we look and to change our very own life’s. You’ve let go a lot of things because of it, maybe you shouldn’t be letting go of those possibilities. But what has been done has been done. Stop reaching that breaking point everyday. Don’t compare yourself. Do what you want to do. Do what you want to feel not how you currently feel. You out too much pressure and expectations on yourself. And yes maybe you should some times because how else are you going to get where you want to get, but by god how much I want to fall to my knees and cry so badly, the emotion rocks me to my core. I don’t know what or why I’m doing this anymore because it’s not getting me anywhere and I’m certainly tired and fed up of it all. I’m sorry I lost you and I’m sorry i let you go

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