How you feeling?

Are you checking up on me, .. again?

It would seem I’m feeling a very sad, an unsettling sad. Why, you may ask? Well I guess this would be my winded answer

How many times do you stare at a screen? How many times do you feel? Combined the two together. Do you feel anything at all when you stare at that screen? The screen that you spend hours on hours scrolling mindlessly, the screen that you click on at least every hour. Seeing and checking, to make sure that you haven’t missed anything, even though nothing happens upon your screen, apart from pretty pictures and sad little icons that make your heart feel like you are missing out on something. When in fact you’d never would have thought of the thing thats currently before your eyes because you only see it now and think of it now, because you can see someone else doing it and you are thinking that you should be doing it because someone else is doing it. Don’t you think this is a silly game? I do.

Arent you tired of feeling like an idiot or a potato head that just sits and waits, because I’m certainly tired of writing about it.

Why cant you be motivated and happy? Why cant you feel the love? Instead of having the thought of ‘I feel unloved’.

You just made a dream, a wish, someone elses wish come true. Yet I feel like an idiot or someone who hasn’t tried.

I cant believe that ive just flew miles upon miles, visiting a different country aka Norway, that i’ve just spent the past four days travelling from one end of Norway to another, yet I feel like a useless idiot. when infact I should feel like I’m on top of the world. Without me realising ive managed to navigate to one place to another. Ive managed to get along with another person. Ive managed to make a written tour, which a friend read about and wanted to do, I made it all come real. Yet I feel deeply sad.

I’m tired of always feeling sad. I probably shouldn’t be writing this, as I did recently get a comment made about writing about too much sad stuff. But I just feel so sad

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