Thought on the 5th

Times my issue,

breathing is my difficulty,

remaining calm and intake without the conflicting emotions of dreaded confliction is my down fall.

remaining loyal and honest are two things that I conflict between. I want to be loyal to those I hold dear, to the ones I love but they never seem to be around in my quiet times, the times when my soul cries for some fun or some down to earth genuine support. I demand too much from others, I demand a living soul from myself yet my words cry but my actions all ways stand still. sometimes I cry just a little too much. Thousands of minds shatter, and tear from the inside, and they do try and they have scars that they live with for the rest of there lives but they never let those actions define them, they use there break, there fall for a better way of life. they’ve reached, they’ve been to the bottom and they use and remember that imagine to help better there lives. they know what it feels to be that low and they refuse within themselves to be that low again, so every day is a battle to keep swimming above those drowning, anchoring waves. They swim with strength everyday, its those people that are pure wow in my eyes. the demons of the own mind are a defeating struggle. it amazes me everyday how people get up, all by themselves and just keep going, changing there worlds, there lives immensely everyday and they do strive.

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