Last seven

Theres no one to tell this to or message to talk to about this, that’s why I blog such negative things. So its only right to write a last one in the date of 2017.

I feel deeply trapped, deeply lost, deeply confused, and these feeling cause me pain, even though they are only manifestations of my own brain.

The feelings put me in a state that what I find deeply pathetic yet sad, and I try it anyway, in hopes to not continue in this way with a different date, 2018, Id thought id try and end it. Which obviously didn’t work and well, I’m still left with this deep feeling of trapped, and cadged.

I should be lucky for the life that I have, but I don’t want it. I don’t want to be around this anymore. I hate this feeling of confinement, I want to be able to rip it all a way but I cant see how I’m going to do that.

It upsets me deeply not seeing a way out of it all

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