Feeling sad yet again, so I thought id give it a go at writing something uplifting about myself.

You may not be feeling the love or anything of any meaning at this current moment in time. You maybe feeling down about life and what to do with yourself or have the thoughts of what am I suppose to be doing fluttering through your brain. You maybe having doubts about life and feeling alone more than ever, but you are so much more than these emotions that flutter through your body and having them affect your life.

Youre a girl who cares yet defines that affection. Youre a girl that would go out of her way trying to help someone that matters or you think could do with the help, even when you complain that no one does it for you, you find purpose in that.

Youre a girl who always thinks of others, and how you as an individual may affect their life, that is why you are so reluctant to share yours with others as well as try new things, as you don’t want your soul to affect other humans.

Youre a girl that’s always up in cloud nine, thinking of something more than where you are already, which can be a curse, yet a promise for others, giving them hope to other possibilities.

Youre a girl who likes to explore, endless walking, just to breath in new scenery. Youre a girl who got herself home from Australia, who gave sightseeing the world a go. You gave faith to others without realising, you gave hope to a dream that maybe something would happen.

Youre a girl that does give up easily but you do try new things even if they make no sense, as well as that they take time for you boost up some confidence to do them.

Youre a girl that’s been to places, always inviting someone to come along even if that’s self esteem issues, youre giving other people memories and experience without realising.

Youre a girl who always checks in with people you care about, even if its just a quick Hi, It shows meaning and thought. Its nice to still be noticed.

Youre a girl who constantly plans, or thinking of a plan, whether its exploring for a new holiday or thinking of ideas for gifts, it shows you always hope.

Youre a girl who is quite, kinda recluse, yet it makes you a good listener, helping other people off load their problems so that they don’t feel alone, even if you say nothing as a response.

Youre a girl who tries to live even if you get internally frustrated.


You maybe having a bad, but everyone has a bad day. You maybe feeling alone, yet thousands are truly alone. You feel you are alone yet you do have people to turn to, you just choose not to. You maybe wanting to cry, but there is nothing broken about you.

You consume yourself with these thoughts, which makes you a selfish person.

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