Calling, Calling,

Currently dialling your number yet i have no idea what i want to say, i can’t even imagine a conversation, i just want to hear you breath…? Do i though, or is that a dramatic air of mine. I think about calling someone, yet i never know who that should be. Its not like im lonely, im seriously not, im quite happy and very content with my own company, much preferred to others, but i don’t know if thats because i don’t know how to converse with others, or maybe thats why i think about dialling a number and waiting for conversation to formulate, only because i imagine thats what i should be doing. Oh for the heaven of the mighty conflicted i don’t know what i seek, yet i think about dialling a number, yet whos number would it be? How would the conversation go?

Mighty oh mighty, Im quite happily being me, yet thinking of what should surely be more to this world of silence that i condemn myself to. I wonder what the others live like, i wonder if the feels as conflicted as i always do. The debates that rattle within their minds, making them feel silly and nonsignficant.

Close minded, thats your mighty issue, you don’t seek, you dream, as you never do what you seek, yet your tired of this petty facade. You waking up in the night, literally make my body burn with anger, so tempting to do such bad things, yet they never make you feel great. Why do you do this to me, always let your emotions over ride me? Why cant you work on this outer solitude, so you don’t actually have to seclude yourself all the time. I really don’t think youre a people person, literally a breath ushered from someone else makes your skin prickly.


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