What do you expect when you go to the doctors?

Do you expect to go for a friendly unimportant chat? A light hearted laugh? To waste an important, Doctors, persons time? To just go for the fun of it? Because you know, we have nothing better to do with our lives.

The answer is NO,

We most certainly do not want to waste anyones time, especially when people go to see a doctor for an actual health reason.

Tell me, what else do you expect from a doctors surgery? Efficiency? Being seen on the actual time appointment is given? Apologies given if running late, or maybe even a choice to reschedule?

It may seem impossible when someone has an aliment or a condition, but life still keeps going, just like the clock on the wall.

I can understand that you get many patients within a day, I can understand that you may be running late, but how many me(s) do you get?

Like today, I didn’t come because I fancied it, I came in because I received a very vague letter regarding my blood results, as you can imagine with that you might possibly think the worst, but to come in, running late in the surgery, which is fine and fair enough, but to receive no apologies for lateness, then to basically see someone who cant understand why Ive been called in.

Let me ask you a question; Why do doctors sit behind a computer screen? Why do you keep records? I guess that’s to keep detailed accounts of each patient you see so that the notes can be passed on or for other doctors to read, I guess my guess is as good as yours.

As ive said, I don’t come to see a doctor because I felt like it, so you can imagine how I must be feeling at this time, or you can not bother. I mean I am an over imaginative person.

I apologies for the sarcasm of this complaint, its just, I feel very annoyed. I see a doctor because I want/need help. I come to you because I don’t know whats going on with my body. I come to you because I hope that you can tell me whats wrong with me. When something doesn’t feel right, what do you do? ….

Everyday I’m in pain. Maybe I should just switch off, oh but I’m not a machine, I cant stop what I feel.

I really do feel that some improvements need to be made.

Having a timely run surgery would be a great start, or having a well documented accounts. Or even not wasting patients time. You don’t like patients wasting doctors time, so maybe give patients the same curtesy. Instead of giving me a vague letter  regarding my blood results, you could have explained in the letter whatever it was you actually wanted to see me about. Because I still don’t know.

Thank you for wasting my day and time. I do hope the surgery improves. I will continue to suffer silently.

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