Sleepless nights seem to battle me but for some reason when you’re by my side my dreams become dreams, i’m lifted off to la la land. I’m dreaming peacefully wrapped in your warm embrace.

I’d never thought i’d ever get lost in anothers touch, it’s not even sexual, which id thought was never a possibility, but the simplicity of being here, laying in your warmth is a thing id never thought would happen for myself. I’d always try and avoid contact, any sign of physical touch or emotion. I find it hard to vocally express but being with you just seems simple. I feel no need to cover the quietness with unnecessary conversation or words. It just feels compatible. I don’t feel the sweaty palm of awkwardness. It’s comfortable. No racing thoughts, no doubt or insecurities to whether i’m doing this or i should be doing this. It just feels comfortable, it feels genuine.

The heat from your body soothes my soul, the beat of your heart is music to my ears, your touch is like a welcomed pleasure, making my blood hum with content.

Snuggling deeper into your embrace, feeling the squeeze of your arms makes me let out a contented sigh, giving you a kiss upon the chest i close my eyes content in the moment, not a thought of the past nor worry for the future.

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