exhausted tears

why do you cry for? why do you get yourself in such a state? constantly question your quality of life, the things that you have, always wishing for something other.

why do you cry for?

is it because you are exhausted of being you? is it because you are tired of always saying the same things constantly, over and over again like a broken record. Is it because you like crying and for some reason think that by crying youll make yourself better, as you seem to always have the answers… that’s why you cry, right?

the tears just drip, hover over your eyelids ready to drop and steam down your pale saddened face.

Why do you cry, always in silence, always on your own… why do you cry for no one to see, for no one to help. why do you cry? whats got you weeping?

whats got your heart tearing apart? Is it because you actually want something…. what could that possibly be?

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