I feel like I live in a world of loneliness yet I’m continuously surrounded by people, yet I choose not to speak yet I’m burning to talk, but I’m never sure what to say or what I’m going to say. I’m fed up of feeling unmotivated and purely sad. I know the only way to change things is to get up and push yourself through the slog of feelings, but I just don’t have any enthusiasm for that.

I’m lost in the fact that I don’t see where my life is going or heading. I have no direction in life, I have no goals and I cant think of anything that actually interests me or makes me want to achieve.

I feel separated from everyone, like its a task to talk to anyone, its always me making the effort and in return the conversations just end.

It makes me want to leave, but I have no sense of destination, just a picture of a blank empty page.

I expect a lot from myself and I feel guilty when I do hardly anything. I’m fed up of being me, is it possible to hate who you are ?

I’m continuously sad, so sad that it makes me ashamed of what I’ve become. My life isn’t bad, yet I make it out to be destroyable. I have so much yet I have no love for it. I just feel like weeping endlessly and continuously.

I have the ability to live, to see, to be something, yet I cage myself, always finding an excuse to not to the things that I once desired.

Its almost like I’ve locked myself in a hole and I’m burning to get out, but I’m expecting something/someone to pull me out and show me the way. I know that happiness lays within yourself, and its only you who makes life choices. I feel the way that I do, I’m in this pit because of my choices. I don’t know where I’m going

I have nothing to show for my life, apart from the endless moaning. I have no success and nothing to make others proud of.

Who am I, what am I doing

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