What are you saying n

We live in a world that is so imagined, to be a certain way, to be lived by the imagined and how they see the world should be.We surround ourselves by people who tell us of a way to live, of there dreams which soon become our own dreams. We surround ourselves with media, flicking through websites or on social media sites. Swirling our brains, filling them with images and sayings that so many things is right or the way to live. 

Does anyone actually stop and breathe, actually breath. Knowing who they really are, not the facade they live, or the face they put on. But the actual person they will always be. Does anybody breathe? Or is that just a thing of the past? So many angry forces, me for one, so many judgy people, so many rude souls, yet who’s nice to you? 

Don’t you get tired of living in the false hood that you create for yourself?

You feel as if you’re getting left behind, when in fact you aren’t, people are just getting tired of your excuses. 

You shouldn’t have come back even though it was the right thing to do. 

You’ll always be a loner, it’s better to be out there alone than surrounded with people who have no time for you or who are tired of you

You shouldn’t have left and stayed hidden

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