Life’s got me like 

As previously throughout my blogs I’ve always come across as a conflicting person which in all fairness is me. I’m a very conflicting person, I have so many conflicting emotions that I get tired of the lashes ofwhiplashing. I have noticed something about life, it goes quickly, not the years or anything, just the hours in the day. 

Life got me like– it’s been a while, feels like more than three months but it’s only been that. I’m not going to lie, I’m tired of lieing. Writing is my thing, it’s my outlet. Some people have others to confine in, others have members, some have neither they have there own way. This is mine. 

Life’s got me reminiscing. I’ve travelled a far, I’ve got myself places. 

Got to admit life’s a struggle at the moment in time but that’s okay, we all have to have our struggles 

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