Life of a critic Climb a mountain scream out your burning lungs! Do you feel better? No of course not, it’s only a fleeting feeling. 

How many times a day do you judge someone? I’m guessing it’s not always in the lime light of a glow. Probs mostly in a snubby way. We all believe we are right. We all believe we should be right more than the next person standing next to us. But let me telling you a little secret. Everyone’s lives different. Everyone’s life’s are different. We live in the same world but it’s not seen as the same in everyone’s eyes. 

We blame everyone for something or another in our life’s. We’d wish that that they would change. But it’s not them who needs to change, it’s us who needs too. We just don’t have the motivation to change, therefore we moan about why the other can’t change. 

The world isn’t a great place, until you are happy with yourself to view it as a great place. 

Some people don’t even realise they are a negative soul, until they wonder why they have no one. Then it’s too late. 

Have you ever thought that your genetics might play a game in this line. Have you ever thought that your words, which you think are positive, are actually coming there across negative? 

Some of us jump to the conclusion that we know it all when you actually don’t stop to think. Yet the people who think, tend to be blamed that they think too much. 

Moral of the game, maybe you should think, even though it can drive you insane. 

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