life of guy


Guy was a steep man,  he knew the world he lived in, he knew what he wanted to be.

As time  went on, he started to loose his ways. He no longer had any grounding to stand upon.

The darken days began to make there way into his broken lost soul

He was no longer the guy that he thought he once was.

He stands all day despite himself. He continues to live when all he wanted to do is wallow. But without realising with is crappy attitude, the presence that he now carries with his lost soul has started to make an impact on the people around him. Why should his sour demur spread to the people that are closet to him. Its not their fault that his attitude has turned black.

Why should they suffer as he is suffering?

Guys feeling lost and uncontrollable, his blackened heart is seeping more fully into his living bones. The control is no control. The black clouds have finally begun

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