Crumbles, let me go

Imaginations how you make me swoon. Oh imagination how I wish you’d make my dreams come true. Life of reality how you make my world feel so small. The life of daily breathe makes me shrink with sadness. The world that we live in is no longer good. So much destruction it makes me weep. The meanness and hard stares within the people of humanity makes its feel like an unwelcome place. Why do we people treat us, each other so badly. Surely you can see the similarity in our human comrades. We all strives, all survive with one thing in mind, pure happiness within our beating hearts. Why do people no longer know the sense of kindness and sharing chances? Why are we all so destined to destroy or fight with one another? We all have inner inflictions 

The mind is a complicated organ. It makes us think, sometimes crazy shit, sometimes unbelievable sadness overcomes our sharpe minds. 

My minds destined to crumble, I am my own infliction

Pain swells within my beating heart. I imagine the times of chanced destiny for my oneself but I’m to live a battling game with my one true self. I have no one to blame but me and my beating heart. I want and want all the same as any sane human being. I crave the touch the sadness sharing times with someone I can simply be with. Books use to be a homing comforting place, but now they leave me broken and frustrated with the internal mind games that I play with myself. I dream, just as you would do. I imagine with my wonder mind of simple happiness and discovery. But I’ve truly given up on my shit, there’s no time for all the blah. I’m on borrowed time, the clock stops eventually but when will it be the last tick. My mind is dirty and not in the sense of naughty. It’s dirty with the unhealthy thinking, sadness and loneliness consumes me. I have no one else to blame but me. Only I can change the ways, but I can no longer be bothered to change the destructions. Sometimes it’s too late for some, it’s too late for me. I’m destined for the blackness. The darkness is within my soul, half of it’s already tainted. Let the rest fill pure darkness, I give up, just like I should have done a long time ago

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