The ladies of leisures of Nevers 

You gave up on me so I gave up on you

You breathed so did I

You messaged me so I responded

You told a few lies, I repeated in kind

You said you were nice and everyone agreed 

You promised to always be, yet you’re never within sight

You told me stories, I listened in kind 

Your heart beat a few drums, mine waned in despair

You spoke of support and empty promises

I believed in change, now all I do is cry with defeat 

I’m a lot more than I’ll ever be 

The heart grows fonder but only dreams multiply 

You know you did wrong, yet you do nothing to change. 

Life’s a multi question of none affectionate unrelated love  

The poet speaks but only in riddles that no one will get but the poet is none one self

You dream of past, yet it’s the past that you fled 

You know what you should have done, yet you don’t own up to it

Repeat of circles gets you know where. 

Same mistakes, you see it in others, yet you can’t see it in yourself. 

You created yet you shiver with despair

Flashbacks of what was, slides with never will bes 

Are you here, I don’t feel you

Do you hear, I see you are far away

What happened to you and I. There is no longer a you nor an I. 


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