I’m completely and utterly surrounded and covered in my pure heat of inner frustration. I’m like an invisible fright train, steam poring out at all sides, filling the clouds with hot heat. I’m not feeling randy, if that’s what you are wondering. It’s inner, kick yourself in the ass hate. The frustration continues to build, that I’ve reached to the back space of punching walls, with more heat this time , that cracks are being left in its place. Who do you have to blame for your inner frustration? The one and only, self…. 

it’s also come to a build that well it’s kinda like an empty simmer of nothing. Does that make sense or is that being stupid?

The loudness of the voice within seems to be intensified when I’m feeling a little frustrated. The turmoil of thoughts are on a rollercoaster. Sometimes it’s so fast with voices that I wonder if my head might just pop. You never know, it probably has and I just haven’t realised 

– [ ] 

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