when youve lost it, you’ve lost it

I’m feeling meh and getting or trying to fight and keep going, to try and get back up seems to be double trouble. My steam is no longer steaming, its not even a smokey mist. Its flat as an uncooked pancake.

Its only taken 14 days to cry a river, but even that takes effort. I just feel extremely dead. The empty vessel has arrived. Here we are once again. Did I even leave? Did I even achieve? Did I really mingle and learn things?

No motivation moves me, Whats the point in breathing when you have not single soul of interest in life.

I think this little time of, whatever is was, has completely gone.

The only time I feel content and some sort of peace is, when the zzzs come too. The lull of sleep, the empty abscess of nothing. No dreams, no thoughts. Just nothing, but then theres that gulp of air that brings you back to the world of life

I think its safe to say, I feel and look like a miserable shit

Do not want to do this anymore

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