The finding 


Everyone has a way in life

we spend maturity of our lifes working to pay to survive. Everyone needs an income to survive, right? I guess unless you are born into money but then wheres the fun in that, when you cant stand on your own two feet.

So the ways of life, are searching for a job, a career.

Like I said we spend most of our lives breathing and eating for this one career. Some do have the possibilities to have more than one career, whether its out of choosing or choice, guess we’ll  never know

So many jobs our there, yet so many people are such picky people

Surely if you have the willingness the eargerness to get into the working frame, why not give them a chance. But then again I can understand why some people search only for the experienced. At the end of the day they have a businesss to run and they probably cant afford or have the patience to give another starting point for some new and fresh of the bacon of unemployed.

So the hunt starts, the exhausting hunt of push the positivity. No ones going to employ a sour face, so come on, put a shining smile on your face, suck in life, and shine with confidence, even if you are sweating buckets, and your minds like why.

You simply say, Honey, this is what you need, what you want. The job may become a pain in the ass, you may end up searching for a new career when you do start having one, always looking for alternatives. But let me tell you something. Working life gives you endless opportunities . Firstly, lets face it you cant do much in life without a career. You cant go travelling for a long time without some notes in your pockets. You cant drive a car, which gives you chances to see people and enjoy sights. You need money to fuel your car, as well as yourself. Money is life. The only way you can make the dosh is by having a career. Unless you know how to design the money that is,

So a career is the way forward. It represents so much, from stability to learning chances. You learn every day. You meet or speak to people every day. You need work, we all need it. Getting it, is a tough one. Being in the situation of employment makes me appreciate the time when I was employed. It gave me chances, it gave me communications, it gave me a reason to get up in the morning, it gave me motiavtion. As well as the dosh in the pocket.

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