Whiplash Has that title appeared already on my blogs? Says the thought that runs through my tiny head. Maybe is the possible answer as I have no clue.

So I’m travelling back today

For life of motivation and all that jazzy

Just wish someone was there to receive me on the other end, the big wide arms, the embracing hug. It would be nice, wouldn’t it? Then again I’m a strong dependable woman. Yay me

Anyone want to go for a drink?

Sitting at the airport, about to go back in time nine hours. Not hundred percent sure if I’m ready for the next chapter but then again when are you ever ready. Who knows what will be waiting for me probs not a lot but this time things are different. I’m different right? Who knows if you ever make the right move but one thing I desperately need to work on, one of many reasons why I’m going back, need to work on my health. That’s going to be a challenge in itself. This time it’s different I’m doing it for myself. You only live for you, it might be lonely. Because it bloody is, another reason of many, but your most achieved moments are by yourself. Right? That’s what I keep telling myself

So next move, is it the right one

Where’s the drinks

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