LifeDear life what do you search for in your unempty mind? What do you think about in your unconscious mind? Do you dream about endless possibilities but when the actual time comes to achieve you don’t feel the motivated need or strive to live up to that dream that you created with your own mind. We all want to be something we all want to be someone. Whether it’s a meaningful role to a loved one or a family member. Or simply for your own self and enjoyment. I’ve come to realise a lot about myself in such a short space of time. I know myself so well that sometimes it puts a deadbolt on my breathing system. Sometimes I question myself, okay a lot of times, what the hell am I doing. But I guess that’s called testing out life and trying it out and seeing what you can do. But yes I’ve learnt a lot and done a lot. Only I can be proud of what I’ve done. Only I can be excepting of what’s about to become. The next stages are always hard but isn’t everyday a new stage, some stages we realise more than we realise all others. Just remember what you do and why you do it. Don’t live for anyone else only for yourself. Don’t go living life for someone else. If you want to do something you do it because that’s how you feel even if it’s only in the moment. Don’t be too scared to go after it, because you know you can do it. You’ve done it before you can do it again, you know you can. If someone comes along with a similar mind set don’t let them go, once they’ve gone they’ve gone. Hold on to them and take the world together. 


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