Girl travelling, the Unknown takes whilst being in the road

I’m not literally on the road, I don’t have a car, if I did it’s invisible. On the odd occasion I decide to walk on the road, my wild side coming out, so you could quote that as being on the road. Guess that’s up to you.

The Unknown takes isn’t glamorous, it’s more about the things people leave out about travelling, sightseeing life, or it could possible be me being me. It’s possible what’s happened to me may happen to you or maybe you can simply nod your head relate or cringe in disgust because this blog is pretty unclean.

To the point, you either don’t have the facilities, time or space in the small spaces showers to do the duties of trimming up your areas that grow hair, legs, armpits and the lady part. So you get the uncomfortable ingrown hairs that are a nightmare, slight pain and a pure downer, a bumpy unplugged forest isn’t a thing I’d want and it sure does put a downer on the uplifting spirits of personal happiness. Then there’s the ability to pluck eyebrows. Some places don’t even have mirrors, so be warned you might as well rock the hairy one eyebrow look at a young age. You’ve got the bag eyes, they tend to come about day seven on hostel road. Don’t expect to receive your beauty sleep girls, then again most of you are probably party animals. I haven’t let my cards slip yet.

The one thing about travelling I’d dreamt imagined about was spending time with unknown amounts of people, instantly at ease with conversation. Chilling with like minded people. Like I said it may be me as a person but for me I’ve discovered travelling is lonely. Not just lonely for simple hours, it’s lonely to the fact that even when you are in a room with people and you do try to communicate no one simply wants to know, as either heads go down to the techy phones or the most often rude response is they talk in another language to the people they are with, which instantly excludes you. Pretty much a slap in the face. Let’s face it, if it wasn’t for pretty sights travelling wouldn’t be a great thing for me. But saying that I’d like to think travelling is about meeting people. I mean, contradicting myself here, but to hear other people’s stories is amazing. To just be around people is amazing, maybe I’m saying this because at times you go so long without a proper meaningful conversation that you grave to hear someone speak, even if it’s something you know nothing about. But it is hard to converse with people. Most travellers have travelled with others or with partners so they see no need to converse with you, other times people/solos just want some quiet space. I understand that. It just feels for me at most times it’s a lonely bubble. You can’t really talk to anyone back home about it because they don’t understand as they’ve not been through it. To be honest your not going to poor out your heart to the first person that talks to you. On the road it’s light hearted unless you really bond with someone but that’s not often as time is always a factor. As many come and go, only in nine destination at a time, part of travelling. So don’t expect travelling to be easy but then again nothing in life is suppose to be easy, otherwise where’s the challenge in that.

For foodies, you’ll enjoy the road. Food has always been a comfort for me. But no income, money soon dwindles, so in some cases, foodies you may struggle to feel your hunger of happiness

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