The start of tour

Bus drive to Noosa, coolooba to a place where we stayed in huts. Then a half an hour drive to Harvey’s hut where we left to canoe about 5km to a little island of sorts allowing us to have lunch. Canoed another 5km which took us back to Harvey’s hit but along the way we stopped on sand islands, which allowed the ability to be seen as if we are standing on water. After hysterics of trying to canoe to laughing hysterically as that the way to come, it was a good day. Ending with sitting around a fire listening to one another, whilst in coolomba we saw wild kangaroos and baby ones. It’s good to be around like minded people. The niceness of being in company after couple of weeks on your own is refreshing. Listening to people is nice but still don’t like voicing my life. 

Everyone seems nice, well educated and ambitious. Very motivated

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