T of thoughts 

The feelings of head, if only you could have the ability to change the thoughts within as quickly as you can change your appearance. Stay three of tryin to socialise. It’s not even really day three is more like day two as day one wasn’t a full day. It’s hard, or the battle with the voice within my head is very challenging. Don’t get me wrong, where I am, the people I’m with is amazing amazing places and an amazing ability but the sights the people, they do for a time, but not for a long period give me the thoughts of wanting this. I’m not sure what I want and I’m pretty sure I’ll never know what I want. He guidance of life is given, this tour is one. But the guided of closed mind would be a welcome. The ability to stop thinking, not being aware of people, especially people I’m never going to see again in my entire life, to let go and just be weird, always holding back is exhausting. Always feel like I’m constantly on guard but the funny thing is what have I got to be on guard force ? It’s not like I’m going to be with these people forever, half of them, whether it’s because they can read me, don’t really try and talk. Then again I am shit. It’s not like you going to meet your best friend someone your going to fall for, even if you did hey probs wouldn’t except. 

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