Waking up was a struggle, dreaming of being in homeland of being home and running up to people I call family, seeing there faces, it was a weird sensation of realising that you are millions of miles away from being home. 

But up and about took us to rainbow beach, a little stop on the way to get a drink, then jumping back of to a big vehicle to a ferry ride of ten mins that took us to frazer island. Frazer island isn’t a little patch of grass it’s a heavy set of sand land. 75 miles of sand land. With a mixture of different stories making up a mixed history. Frazer, depending on where you are, is an amazing place to be. The ability to be thousand of miles somewhere, out in the open, on the biggest amount of sand in the world. Is a wow moment. Some nature trees, the odd dingo, millions amount of sea. It’s a breathing moment. On frazer island we stopped at lake Mckenzie, a fresh in closed lake, no salt within the water. Pure open space of smooth sand, open clear waters, with the bonus of the sun beating down. It’s lush. Take the moment in. The lake is suppose to be a cleanser, the people say if you rub in the sand Upon the body is exfoliates the skin. Not sure if it’s true but it defiantly makes the skin feel a hundred times softer. 

Hopping back into the bus we next stop within the millions of trees on frazer island. Walking through the nature, learning about the varies of trees. After a nice refreshing stroll we hop once again back on to the bus which took us to our accommodation in happy valley. The accommodation is a pure wow. For the tour, it’s not something you would have thought would be included. But then again after backpacking for over seven weeks, seeing this places is probs a pure hundred percent wow as I haven’t seen anywhere like this in a very long time. An actual bed, not bunk beds or a small little box. Plenty of blankets, finally giving you the choice to be warm. A hot clean warm shower, making you want to stay under the spray forever on end. It’s a lovely places to stay with so many beautiful sights. Frazer is a worth place seeing. 

Day 3 over 

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