After doing an intense most moving travelling experience in ten days, I say eight, I have finally made it to cairns. The places people talk about. The places that’s high season currently. The tropical end of the north, I guess. Everyone seems to know cairns, whether a it’s heard of or they’ve been too. It’s a nice place when it’s sunny. But I guess that can be said for anywhere you happen to be in the world. Anywhere is nice with the sun shinning. But I gotta tell ya, the saying for cairns being slightly wacky may just be correct. I didn’t know this when I had thought about coming otherwise it might just have put me off. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a lovely place, a place I definitely wouldn’t have seen if I hadn’t come, it just doesn’t feel safe. The words of first night out, be careful where you walk at night- great. There’s for locals here. Nothing against them but they seem a little loose. I’m kinda scared for where it’s safe to put my foot. Maybe it’s my over imaginative mind. 

When the Sunday out its lovely, intense heat. You are going to burn even if you put sun cream on, learnt it and now currently sizzling on the skin. 

No beach for you to swim here, there is one but it’s not safe due to the Crocs that like meat. 

There’s this amazing clean blur lagoon in the centre tho. As you can imagine in a nice day or even a half nice day it’s rammed backed with naked flesh. 

The hostel are like all others, but with the tropical, maybe it’s the heat, or maybe it’s simply that hostel life is getting at me. There’s bugs. I don’t mind sharing my room with people but my bed with creepies. On my skin and all the answer is a lovely freaking no. It makes me miss the normality of life. It’s what I seem to crave. I’ve loved travelling, seeing these places. 

I left to find a sense of purpose to my life, still haven’t found one. But I’ve learnt to love my days to myself so much more and that I’m capable of anything I choose todo. I know who I am, I’ve accepted that. I am who I am and that will always be. I’m no longer looking to change myself, I don’t want to be someone who I’m not for someone else’s pleasing mind. I know what I want. I know what I like. 

The trip entailed a crazy amount of travelling distance in such a small amount of time. Started in Brisbane, went to Noosa Everglades to experience the most hysterical time of my life, meeting an amazing girl that I’ve instantly bonded with, which I had never thought would happen. To sleeping in a cattle farm in swags. To sailing for three days eating gorgeous amounts of food that I’m realising I need a balance of fitness and food inlife. To going from airlie beach to cairns with a short stop at Tully. Longest travel day of life. To pushing my exhausted self to daintree forest for a day out then seeing a display of female parts at a club at night. Life has been adventurous. I’ve Done it, I’m here, I’m lived it, I’ve experienced it. It’s time for some normality now. 

The down side to travelling is the communication to back before life, everyone dwindles but just remind yourself of who you are of what you want. Only yourself matters. Don’t spend a life trying to make it keep someone by your side, or hoping that they expect you or love you. Just love you 

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