Life’s like food 

Life’s like foodYou imagine it tasting great. You can’t wait to have or make it or buy it. Once it’s in front of you, dream of the endless possibilities of how good it’s going to be, how it’s going to make you feel. Then you have that first taste, the first bite. It’s either really good, beyond amazing or down right disappointing and not meeting your expectations. But whatever you happen to feel about it after the first taste, you still carry on eating it, munching it, because you think of either the money you spent on it, the time it took you to make it, the endless amount of time dreaming about it. Once the plates gone, once it’s clear and empty. You look down, staring at the emptiness, feeling something, amount of many feelings. But you realise life is like food. You dream it, you imagine it, you try it, you live in the moment of eating, then it’s gone. Everything comes to an end

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