L is for loneliness 

I’ve been reading this book, a novel that’s touched my mental capability a little to close to home. I do love a novel that makes you think and one that you can connect in ways that you can never seem to connect with people. When the world you create for yourself is small is can be isolating and lonely. Are we all set up and ready to before we breathe our first step? Just following a invisible guide without knowing? 

We have one world and is the world we choose to create for ourselves, or is that what we are suppose to think? 

Everything seems to be given as a reason, whether is our choosing or not. 

Loneliness is a power things. The attitude of it alone can make us thing unbelievable unnatural things. It can present so many things like a barrier from the living. Leaving you in total darkness even when there’s a thousand people around you breathing the same air. 

Loneliness has he ability to take over your mind, your heart and your soul. 

Loneliness is a powerful thing 

How to make a friend, — the book that’s made me think 

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