Poor eyesight

Once was a girl a very blonde girl who liked to explore the endless possibilities of life. She was a bright girl but didn’t think much to her own abilities. One day, on her own, she got up and couldn’t see. Her vision was blurred and dizzy making her feel woozy. Why couldn’t she see? Oh yes that’s right, she broke her specs leaving her with the inability to see clearly. Giving headaches, poor vision. Tumbling walks through a bright city making her eye balls feel even worse. She liked to be optimistic but it was kinda hard when every bone tickled with annoyance. As the blonde girl walked endlessly through town, strolling through life, she tried to be upbeat. Not much given when alone with poor eye sight. Oh how will blonde cope?

Phone calls 

Buzz buzz of a phone, the simple vibrations rumble through human system. Keeping her awake at night, as junk mail flys through her meals, nothing of potential. Ring ring through the early hours, hope flings her up, catching the vibration, only for it to be a misleading call or a wrong number. Through the waking hours the phone is silent but it’s a sight she stares at continuously, not a sight she thought she’d be looking at continuously. Tap tap, click click, applied applied, emailed emailed, phoned phoned, nothing of nowhere seems to give hope to a new starting life. She sits all day applying for endless opportunities, selling herself through words. To places she has no idea where, to positions she’s been to before. No ruling for future. But with one click wishes for an end but only little chapters end, big ones always keep going

Phone boy

The neediness shrill a through. You demand so much, yet you know nothing. You live in a delusion of wants and needs. Not realising that you have to have difficulties, things can’t always go your way. Your personality is controlling and not very understandable. You want many things, one mainly bring me. You don’t know the word no. You won’t take it for it is, a simple no. You won’t take it and leave it. You like a resounding monkey who just jumps around all day being a pain in the ass. You want a life of forever, I don’t want you to join but apparently my reluctance has a different meaning and understanding for your liked mind. Yes I’m only using you phone boy. It’s wrong and annoying but life doesn’t feel so dead when my phone buzzes. It gives a sense of connection to something, even if it’s to you. You are a negative soul, which isn’t exactly good for devastated heart but better than dead silence


Another day in the world of realm. You haven’t given up, yet the singing voice of home beckons. It’s a nice feeling that hummus through your body when you think of home. The flight ride if movies with a good lush food. The sense of seeing loving family faces makes you smile and wish to be their more. Depressing fact is no one wants to see you home, back to nothingness. So you stick it out another day in a place that’s beautiful but brings nothing to your now no longer motivated heart. Time passes, just like before but the only difference is your on a different continent. Alone more than before, you handle it well what other choice do you have. Is this how you thought it would be, no of course not but life’s not like how I’d thought. It’s not a fairytale and roses, it’s not all love and bloom, probably the opposite but not that gloomy. Tiredness is in the bones just like before, probably more pronounced than before. We twiddle our thumbs watching time go bye, the sense of unsuccess and un achieved washes/ rocks through the body. Emptiness of unmotivation. The challenge of life is your own success and happiness. Can you really challenge your own soul or are you dames of always giving up 

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