Six days

Six days have gone by. Six days since travel partner has left to embark on a bright future with his girlfriend. Six days I’ve been on my own. Six days where I’ve wondered the city endlessly. Six days where in that time I’ve thought endlessly of nothing but nothing. Applied for endless jobs. Stared at my phone hoping imaginary friends would phone missing me dearly. Stared at the little hing more than I liked. Not really seen much but an amazing calm relaxed place called Noosa. Walked miles over the weekend. Starting from the place I’d been been staying at dolphin house beach, all the way to main beach, which was like an hour. That’s when I didn’t get lost, which was countless times. Laid on the beach, managing to burn my tan. Yay! Walked for four hours through Noosa national park. At current moment my life seems to consist of a lot of walking. Now back in the city waiting for the days to pass so I can start another adventure. Walking no more. Me and my bestfriend falling out aka myself. Only six days, six more to go  

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