Do you remember 

So many questions so many unanswered

The ability to understand yourself, accept yourself is s powerful moment of simply connect with your soul. So many wondering souls, so many lost with the unknown future. We all search for something, always on a search. To fill the pain of pasts, searching for a someone, something to help forget whoever it is we are trying to run from. We continuously search for something but what is that something? What is the name of that something? 

I ask myself why do I do what I do

Why do I get afraid to interact with people? The feeling of getting close to someone is a powerful thing, the connection, the sharing, it’s a commitment. Maybe I’m afraid of the things I want the most. I do want to be able to randomly message people without others questioning why them To just randomly ask someone something even though it has no meaning, no point, just to simply satisfy my mind. 

The one thing I’ve deprived my body of is human contact. The feel of a touch a hug, a squeeze, brush of a hand. I do truly believe you need an odd human touch every now and then. 

Giving yourself things, education, smartening the brain, teaching yourself. The things you desire, you should just do it. The knowledge the speak obviously calls to you. The connection of novels is part of your soul, don’t deprive who you are because others push you to become someone else. 

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