The coast is gold

Is it really gold? It’s defiantly a coast.

Gold Coast, so yeah I was there, seeing another place, experiencing different things and creating more memories that are different to the ones before. This is the place where we went out, mingled with people and actually talked to a few. Hung out with a girl, hung out with a guy. Not sure how I feel. Guess confidence is the key, without it your are pretty much screwed but I guess that’s down to whether you really want to change your personality. It was good to be able to mingle with people, even with selective hearing. Gold Coast is the last stop before Brisbane. It’s also the last place with the bro. Soon I’ll be on my own. Who really wants to be on their own? Urm …..

Gold Coast is where the theme parks are at. The place to act like a kid and enjoy the rides, if you have the money to spend bucks a lot on the trips. So due to trying to save, we went on a road trip. Yep that’s right. Hired a car, little blue thing and zoom on the road. The long windy road to the national park which gave us the ability to see sights that you’ll never see anywhere else other than right here. They are pretty breath taking and totally worth the car and drive. Sights seem to be the thing to live for, to see what the worlds nature has to show us. Which it has some pretty sweet views. The photos don’t do them justice but still take a view. Let’s just hope the mind can remember them and store them with the beauty that they really are.

So I went to the Gold Coast, stayed at a pretty relaxed, mixed atmosphere of a hostel. If it wasn’t without the hostel and what the people in the hostel do to get people to connect, I don’t think, I wouldn’t have new friends on the Facebook list. Will I meet them again? Who really wants to be alone? Wonder what the next stages have to hold? 

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