Port Macquarie 

What do you say about port Macquarie? What would you say that comes to mind? Solitude maybe.

We’ve come at a time where it’s low season so it’s quiet. Not much to do in the sense of activities apart from surfing and paddle boarding. Part from those activities it’s a nice place to take a stroll, seeing sights for what they are. Memorising the lake, river. The strong current of sea, just swimming itself by. Boats locked in harbour, massive birds with peaks trying to eat fish with their massive peaks. A lot of gobbling not a lot of swallowing. Port Macquarie has a lot of sandy shores to offer. Even though it’s classed as winter here currently, it still gives you the ability to sit on the sand, stare into the ocean with a beating warmth upon your skin. Macquarie also has a nice coastal walk, it’s not too far but a struggle on the steep. Amazing views to witness with your eyes. I do wonder what it would be like in a peak season. Would people be buzzing the streets or swarm in the sandy beaches. 

The hostel port Macquarie backpackers is a quiet place with a few people. From going from a thriving city to a small town, the atmosphere change is very noticeable yet nice. 

In port Macquarie they have a koala hospital for the injured sick or infected koalas. I was expecting a big place with many, cages of sorts, occupied with many koalas. But the place is the opposite. It’s a small sanctuary in a woodland of sorts. Just a few koalas huddling in their trees

Port Macquarie is a nice place

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