Weird about me

There’s something weird about meThe inner ability to just smile and feel it within your soul. You know what I mean, right? The smile that’s a rare beauty, the cheekbones high with tightness. Eyes glistening with the glow , sparkle of humming happiness. The way the smile vibrates throughout the body, through every bone, to every fingertip. The hum of a smile within the chest, like a brightness of light. If the beauty of that smile could settle within my soul all the time, then I could shake myself and just push. I like to smile but I have to feel it, it just feels fake when I don’t feel it. Shake a bone. 

What are we fighting for? 

We plan to strive, to have an aim so we don’t feel like an aimless melon walking through live with no achievement, but anything can be an achievement

What do you miss?

Being me but who are you, why do you say those things yet you never know why those words emotions flutter through your mind. 


We have years to come, so many years

What do you do with so many years

Where are you

Just keep running even if it’s no longer an outlet

Are you ever ready?no ones ever going to be prepared for life for fun for letting go. You’re always prepared when you don’t let go


One two, high jab 

How do you feel?

Miles away with no much sense of a way. Just like before, just somewhere different

In a beautiful country, life can flutter by with empty stares into the sea. Life can flutter by with dead thoughts in mind, while the sun sets over the high mountains. The world is a beautiful place. There’s beauty in everything we see, just depends on the personality that stares around and takes in the world. Is it possible to feel more lost than before? Yes

You’ve got me, yet you don’t know who me is. You disagree. Caged, too long. Over edge not going to be good. Just love yourself

Looking for a feeling

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