Banana you yellow shaped thing. The way monkeys swing and arrgh over you, makes me wanna….. Nothing really apart from munch on you. It’s weird how one simple food makes you want to write about it even though it’s really not going to do anything. How do you feel banana? Smudgy or hardish that you have a bity bite to it. Personally I like them somewhere in the middle. I don’t like them brown but I don’t like them greeny yellow with. A solid yellow maybe. Then there’s that smell. The banana smell. How would you describe it because I’m slightly unsure. It’s like strong specially after the first peel. Have you ever had tried banana? The ready chopped crispy things in a bag called banana chips? Pretty awesome right. Nothing can beat those. So yummy you can eat the whole bag in five minutes without even knowing. The crispness the crunch. Is just,,,, yum. I do like banana chips 

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