Cooge beach to bondi

Took in some breath taking view yet again today. Just open blue sea. There’s something about staring out into openness. Just pure openness. It’s weird, not really, to think that looking out into the sea connects us to another place, to another land. Pure openness like the sky. There’s just that something about the sea. Whether it’s the waves or the air of freshness, in some cases. 
Today’s walking tour was seeing seven beaches along a small part of the coast in Sydney. Starting of in coogee beach. Just this small beach, the air, atmosphere, just calming. Taking a few steps and stroll the next stop was a place called Gordon bay. Along the walk there is just so many amazing views. Like I said the blueness of the sea, the sparkles of sun light dancing with the blue is just captivating. There’s something about the sea, the coastal. Just peace

Gordon’s bay is small like all the other stops we make along the way. 

Spent a view hours at bronte, getting lunch. Again staring out into the sea. 

Didn’t really get to explore the town but it seemed like a nice place. 

Final place to the end of the walk was bondi beach. The biggest beach out of the seven. The beach walls are decorated in such amazing mind blowing art it just makes you say the word cool. So detailed, so outstanding, you have no choice to look and appreciate. There’s some amazing people out there with such brilliant talent. Again didn’t really get time to explore the town, maybe another day. You can just see, imagine bondi in the busy season. The turn out, packed to the rim. Music blaring from the coastal bars. People having fun, surfing the waves. 

It’s all about the people, right

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