Blue mountains 

Trekking tour, an hour outside inwards of Sydney we drive to a stop that takes us for a yummy hot chocolate. Ready to fuel the day the walk of walking through wet hilly stone grounds. Another half an hour inwards drive takes us to one part, the south facing side, to wentworth fall. Some many view points. We hit the walking tour on a good weather day. Don’t get me wrong it was by far windy, especially out in the open, it’s cold due to it being winter season in Sydney at the current moment. Taking a hike downwards, small steps between stones. We make it to a waterfall not the biggest one within the blue mountains. We go to the largest or the tallest, not sure best way to describe it but anyway we do see the big one but that’s later on in the tour. After seeing some early views we climb back up to the starting point where we all climb back into the van which takes us to an early lunch. Lunch may have been early but the view is unspeakable. A wow, none of the photos do it justice but still you take many. Of course you have too. Trekking more into steep steps with a hot pie in hand. Eating with a breeze, which is strong, worth the view. 

After taking in the sky’s we go and visit the three sister. 

Did you know the blue mountains isn’t actually a mountain. It’s a national park. Did you know it’s only blue in the evening when the trees make the blueness with the haze. Interesting point, I think I got them right or along similar lines

Exhaustion has set in, weather it’s due to all the walking and hiking, who knows 

Honestly thought I was fitter than this

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