Sydney Sydney S

Sydney Sydney Sydney what do you have to offerIt’s a beautiful chilled out place. I can understand why so many visits and rave about the atmosphere. Haven’t yet been here that long but it obviously has something to offer for many as their are so many people. 

It maybe winter here currently but it’s so different to the weather of uk. Saying that I’ve probably jinxed it now, guess we’ll soon find out. 

Life of hosteling is well awkward. The whole hello seems to be … Awkward. The ability to meet people, talk to them isn’t exactly my strong suit. 

Everyone is pretty much the same, unless your the guy who happens to bring a girl back to the dorm, oh wait that’s normal. Slightly awkward to say the least. Especially when you are trying to sleep, than God for head phones otherwise I might just have said get on with it, but that would be rude right? 

Sydney is cool and good. If only my ability to navigate was a strong one. Guess it will have to improve otherwise not going to be so good. 

Still a few things to sort and middle out, but guess that’s general life.

Opera house is pretty, not as white as many think. 

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