To everyone and everythingI’ve wanted too and still do want to write to a few people in general, so instead of doing it personally and no doubt they will ever see it. I’m writing it on here because well I can and its simple enough to do. 

I’ve arrived in Sydney, doesn’t exactly feel real. Maybe that’s due to not being able to sleep on the night fly, therefore carrying my heavy sleepy weight around for nearly 48hours. But I’m here in sydney, doing the first real travel experience of staying in a hostel. Wake up isn’t so bad. I just keep having choking moments of fear, flashes of what the fucks dues to my inner unfriendly manners and the simple fact people scare me in some sense. I know I can do it, it’s just doing it, but saying that, I only have the ability to say that right now due to being in an uncrowded room, it’s only been a few hours, as well as I’m half asleep. Like I’ve said before there’s many things I’d like to be and do. They still apply but yeah. Anyway Sydney. Who would have thought. Just a few miles away from you that is all. I’ve just now got to plan once again. Travelling is a constant plan. If only I had a good sense of direction I might be okay. Guess for now some zzzs are required. The chance to have a first hot shower in two weeks has made me sleepy. 

It’s been a month since I worked

Maybe with this travelling I could have some normalcy. Like the running and healthy eating but I guess that comes down to my sense of direction and abilities 

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