Are you ever going to be ready? Ready for what you ask. Life in general, whatever that happens to be. Are you ready? I bet you’ve never been truly ready for any of the events that have been thrown at you. You might have imagined how an event was going to go, or imagined how you would like it to play, but most of the time it never goes the way you plan. Guess you could say you expect too much in life or maybe it’s the simple fact that your imagination is just too great for your one true self. I haven’t really got much of an idea what I’m writing let alone an idea of what I’m suppose to be doing with life in the next 24 hours. All I know for now is I’m currently travelling to another destination in search of something. We are all looking for something, whether that something is a someone or a place or the simple Unknown. But we’ve all got an idea of what we like and therefore we search for this mind of imagination that’s only within our simple heads. Whether at the end of our searching, giving up or facing value, we find what is it what we are looking for is up to us, to determine whether it’s good enough for ourselves. As at the end of the day we are the only ones who can say yes or no to what we give ourselves. Some just let others affect our choices. In time you learn to hear yourself, your real self, not some guided voices that sound similar to all the people that say you should play this way or not. We all want many things, it’s up to you if you want to please yourself or to please others. Don’t you get tired of hearing someone you should be this way or you should buy so and so because apparently that makes you happy? Don’t you get tired of living being a certain way just so you can feel loved? You may be brought into this world by someone. You may be shown a way by someone. You may have been given advice and guidance. But in moments and choices you are on your own, whether you want to be or not. Most don’t want to be, I’ve not exactly ever wanted to be on my own but the more you don’t want something the more you end up being or having it. That’s how it feels to me. I doubt anyone in life wants to be truly alone. Maybe a few days a week, some time on their own but not a whole life time. I’m not saying I want to settle down because settling down for me, right now, would be buying a dog. I’d like a friend. Guess everyone would like a friend, someone to count on. Just the simple thought knowing that they’d hear you, be there, even if time has past. I guess the only way I can find someone close to a friend would be, common ground? Most saying you meet good friends through drinking, now yea you meet people but I don’t know. Get the fact that is loosens you up. I am after all very tight, but if you have limited amount of money and youre travelling do you spend most of it on drink or do you buy adventures? I don’t see what’s wrong with being in the same atmosphere as the drinking crowd and not drink. Unless is it wrong?My mind still screams, I never expected it to calm or change maybe slow down slightly. I think if the world just stopped which it never will or does… If it just stopped, ended in some cases then maybe everything would 

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