Once upon

Once upon a time on the choppy seas of somewhere far far a way the seas roar with undecidedness. The chokes of every other passenger near you moaning as their stomaches churn with the highs and lows of the seas. Sitting within your seats, humming a tune within your mind to try and stay sane and a float. Without loosing your insides. Stare straight ahead don’t look to the left, the girl moaning with squimishness. Don’t look to the right the couple embracing one another as they both turn shades that aren’t normal. Keeping looking straight ahead, no better but if you closely there’s a guy a head. Even though he’s chucking his guts over board, there’s something appealing about him. Maybe it the way he holds himself or the way he just looks when he sits back with the waves blow through his hair. The sure confident aura that he has. Or maybe it’s just something better to look at than people chucking their guts up. He’s also appealing to the eye. 

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