Another travel to the next leg of the journey. I think it takes oa toll, but I guess its anotanother adventure seeing another oslamnd within Thailand. Its more quieter, laid back not as remote as koh phanagn. Krabi is going to be a place we are staying for 3 days, the longest stop in one place than any other. Gives us the chance to unwind and chance to see the surrounding islands. I like the ability to just see and watch. I know I don’t say a lot, I never have. I honestly don’t know what people expect. I think myself alone expects too much. If I felt like I was okay from other peoples views maybe I’d be okay. But then I ask mydselkf, which I’m pretty sure I’ve asked before, why should\do I care what others think? They’ve never accepted me whoever I am, so why should I hope that they will do now. Its finding ability to stop and just focus on me but when I focus on my selfish self I feel anxious, worried, angry. I don’t want to feel any of those emotions. I think that’s why I always look like a sunken horse. I expect to much from myself or maybe I don’t know how to just enjoy and be. I’m worried about how my life,me, is going to go. I don’t even know what I want to be. All I know is, I’d like to see some of the world in hopes that it will inspire me, shape me into someone, but that’s expecting too much though, isn’t it.

So I’m currently in krabi, reminds of the saying my dad use to say ‘ krabi Abby’ fitting I guess. The sun finally warmed our bodies, no longer the humidity doing the sweating but the actual beating sun, which later on gave us the ability to watch the sunset. First ever sunset it was pretty sweet. Of course I got some photos. Just the shame my itchy skin killing the buzz just a little. Any travellers have some advice for the beating the annoying mosquitoes? Maybe something I can bare in mind for another later date.

So with a do, krabi it is for now. Arriving to krabi we had to go from koh phanagan back to koh samui by ferry, early ride, to make itnin time for our flight that would take us to krabi. Yet another airport, yet not as remote or stylish as koh samui. Taking more transport, bus shuttle, to our rest of stay for the following 3 nights.

Krabi has its own beauty, as well as its cooking disasters. The disaster of food poisoning in some ways its good we have another day in krabi then in that sense we still have time to explore, see what it has to offer, even though we are taking a day out.

Has krabi beaten us before we even have the chance to explore krabi island friends? We plan to do a sunset tour, to visit seven islands around krabi but how can we possiblyndo that when the ability to eat plain toast makes you want to crunch up into a ball, holding your insides. Yeah we could push ourselfs but its not like wed be on dry land. We would be on a boat that would be swaying. I feel that its the meat. Thais do their spices and its refreshing but of course they do their meats differently, and the language exchange within the menus is very simple, sometimes its not the meaning what we think it is. So the thinking of ‘no meat in Thai’ has come across my mind but things without meat are…. Pretty much nothing to keep strength up. The veg isn’t really veg, its more like onions and peppers. I do miss a good portion of vegetables. In most places in Thailand they add on a serving charge, some, well most have been pretty high. When you eat food and it doesn’t leave you feeling good. It makes you wonder is it really worth it.

Looking around krabi you notice less Thai people than any other islands we’ve been too. I’d say krabi was a place where many holiday makers go to, not mant travellers. It certainly not one we’ve seen, doesn’t have a loud drunken night life. Plenty of stools and tour stands competing with one another though.

Last day in krabi and we went on the tour. It was a good tour. Seeing the islandislands from boat views. Getting off and exploring the national islands was nice to be able to do. Giving you the ability to explore and just view with your own eyes. The buffet was so good, seconds was the best. Might as well help yourself. Watching a fire night show display was cool. Takes a lot of talent and pure skill to be able to through and have control like that. It was a good tour day.

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