Sun has hit, …

Sun has hit, face is melting. Legs are hairy. Mother Nature has hit. Skin is still bubbling with itchiness. Feel like all I do is moan.
So my phone had a crack in it, it’s like day seven. Didn’t last long now did it.
Still don’t know what I’m suppose to do when I reach Sydney which is ten days away.

It’s my life yeah yeah do what you wish or want in some cases but I just don’t feel it anymore. Don’t think I ever did to begin with.

I don’t miss work, I miss the people at times. I wouldn’t change what I’ve done or haven’t done in any way. I just wish my attitude was slightly different. I get that it’s down to me, but then I ask myself can I be bothered to do that? What is life?

It’s what you make of it, but for who?

Suns hit, repeat of life. Breeze feels good upon the skin. Shame it can’t fizzle my insides out

Can’t seem to justify how I feel. I eat yet I feel no energy. No strength to carry on doing what I’m doing. Yet I don’t want to go home, I don’t know where home is.

Seem to be in envy of other people’s life’s. They seem to have it together, no where they are going. When all it seems like I’m coasting along someone else’s line.

You look and see, simple things like a slim figure, to a genuine smile upon someone’s face. The way they’d tilt their head back and laugh. I’d like that but the genuine type not the forced feeling. I don’t want to be fake but what am I suppose to do when I don’t actually feel it. Where’s the genuine ?

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