Koh phangan

Arriving on a rocky boat, reminded me slightly of the sinking titanic. We weren’t sinking we were just swaying just a little. Making it in one piece we arrived safely at the place we are staying. Coco garden resort. Placed along the beach.
The island is more remote than koh Samui, whether that’s due to low season, it not being busy. It’s an island to just lay back and relax. As some of you may know koh phangan is known as the party island. Looking at a map there is plenty of places that holds well know big parties for the travellers. They are expensive in the Thai money. Some are placed along the beach, some are in the middle of the jungle.
We came for the experience of the half moon party. It’s an experience all right. The set up is wow, placed in the jungles, but it’s just wow. Flashing lights, beat of the music thumping through the air. Feeling the base of the music through the soul of your feet. It was good. We went to a hostel down the road before heading to the moon. To meet people, which in some sense we did. Drinking to make friends. Not exactly being yourself, meeting people when you are drunk, I never really understand. The hostel was loud and packed with people. I know for a fact if I was staying their on my own I wouldn’t have liked it. My first thought at seeing the place was, I hope not all hostels are like that. If they are, I’m not going to last long. I get that it’s a great way to meet people, through drinking, but I don’t see why you have to drink to meet people. It seems like a requirement.
Jam packed taxi ride to the moon party
After swaying to the beat until four in the morning we decided to leave. Leaving in style on a back of a Bike.
Koh phangan is so far the chilled island, as in matter of fact we are chilling by the beach. I like the calmness from Bangkok or any city but the calmness gives me too much time to think. That’s not exactly a good thing

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